2016 Alfa Romeo SUV Leaked to Auto Bild

Small SUVs are the fastest-growing new car segment outside of EVs, and manufactures like Honda, Chevrolet, and even Porsche are getting into the act. Now, word is coming out of Europe that Alfa Romeo - set to return to the US next year - will be bringing its own upscale, all-wheel drive cute-ute to market, as well. » 8/03/14 1:29pm 8/03/14 1:29pm

Forgotten Aluminum Kaiser Concepts from the 1950s

Most people don't remember the name Kaiser Motors, but it was one of the most forward-looking and influential carmakers of the 20th century. If you don't believe that, consider that the company eventually merged with Overland of Toldeo, and came to be known by the probably much more familiar name of Kaiser Jeep in 1963 » 7/06/14 5:23pm 7/06/14 5:23pm

One-off XR1200TT Sportster is the New Harley-Davidson You Really Want

The big news out of Harley-Davidson this week is definitely the Livewire. That's the new electric Harley that Scarlett Johansson will be riding in Avengers 2, and which is expected to slot into the Harley range above the new Street models and just below the Sportsters. With all the attention going to Harley's future,… » 6/22/14 3:21pm 6/22/14 3:21pm

Why I Want a Tesla, and Not a New Mustang

Last week, the 2015 Mustang configurator went live, giving a longtime Mustang fan like myself the opportunity to spec out the latest and greatest version of America’s pony car. And I did just that. Once. After 5 years of writing and wringing my hands over the 2015 Mustang, a car I had convinced myself I *must* have… » 6/22/14 3:19pm 6/22/14 3:19pm

I Had The Slowest Car At The Ultimate Street Car Competition

You know the expression "taking a knife to a gunfight?" This was beyond that. Entering my 1973 VW Beetle in the Optima Ultimate Street Car Competition at Fontana Speedway was more like taking a corn dog to a gunfight. Many cars there had about 10x the horsepower of mine. I didn't have a chance. And I loved it. » 6/18/14 2:59pm 6/18/14 2:59pm

Will it Sideways? 800 HP Switzer GTR vs. Chilean Hillclimb

From airstrips in Miami and the American Midwest to the banzai side-by-side races of Europe and Moscow, at shootout after shootout, Switzer's evergreen P800 pump-gas performance PKG for Nissan's R35 GTR has proven itself to be the most flexible, most reliable bolt-on performance PKG money can buy. Still, it's always… » 6/15/14 9:32am 6/15/14 9:32am

Dealers Are Advertising Nearly $20K in Discounts on Cadillac ELR

The “newness” of the Chevy Volt seems to have worn off, and though sales have been steady, the Nissan Leaf has been surpassing it for the past few months. The $76,000 Cadillac ELR is doing even worse, which is leading some dealers to offer huge incentives to move stock…not a great sign for Chevy’s plug-in ambitions. » 6/14/14 4:07pm 6/14/14 4:07pm

90s MR2, Suzuki Swift, 800 HP GTRs Mix it Up at Chilean Hillclimb (20…

Venture into the mountains of Chile, far away from the major cities, and you might just be lucky enough to stumble on to one of the most incredible road-ready hillclimb events in the world. If you should ever be so lucky, you'll find the usual high-speed suspects in the form of track-ready BMW M cars, RWD Nissan… » 6/14/14 11:25am 6/14/14 11:25am

Tesla to Make Motorsports Debut at Pike's Peak 2014 w/ Drive E0 Racing

Tesla will make its racing debut this month at Pike's Peak, when a specially modified Tesla Roadster will race Monster Tajima's badass plug-in up the mountain at America's oldest and most historic off-road motorsports event! » 6/13/14 4:52pm 6/13/14 4:52pm

LeMans 2014: Qualifying Results

Former Williams Formula 1 driver Kazuki "Kaz" Nakajima rarely brought much glory to the land of the rising sun in his F1 days, but he's been honing his craft - and, yesterday, he became a bona-fide hero to millions of Japanese race fans by blasting his 1000 HP Toyota TS 040 hybrid around the Circuit de la Sarthe a… » 6/13/14 4:47pm 6/13/14 4:47pm

IndyCar 2014: Indy 500 Race Results, Final 6 Laps

Today's running of the Indy 500 went almost 2 hours without a caution, leading to drivers trimming fuel and preserving their tires as they jockeyed for position. All to be in the right place at the right time when the inevitable finally happened - and happen it did. After the first restart of the race, the cautions… » 5/26/14 11:25am 5/26/14 11:25am